Vision & Mission


Competence in Career And Correctitude in Character

The Vision of Surat Peoples Bank (SPB) English Medium College of Commerce, embodied in the above motto, is to be a leading participant in the “Sarvajanik” process of grooming citizens who are; respected in their profession for their knowledge, skills and competence and; recognised in the  society as responsible, progressive, secular humanists committed to moral and social correctitude. 


Study – Perform – Blossom

Since well directed formal as well as informal “Studies” and “Performances” are the pivotal intrinsic forces leading to “Blossom” (Progress / Prosperity / Maturity); a stage of evolution; in Career and Character of a person, the Mission of the college, for envisioned evolution in the careers and characters of all the SPBians, is to make them lifelong followers of the maxim embodied in the above motto.


Enumeration of how the mission statement defines the distinctive values in terms of addressing the needs of the society is contained in the objectives derived from the Vision and Mission statements for ensuring the objectivity in the functioning of the college.

Objectives: Broad objectives, contained in our Vision and Mission statements are:

1. To keep education truly ‘Sarvajanik’. i.e. to keep it accessible and affordable to all sections of the society without discrimination of religion, race, caste, gender and Socioeconomic status.

2. To groom the citizens who are respected for their knowledge, skill and competence and who can make significant contribution towards wholesome and inclusive progress and development of society.

3. To impart education and make students competent for attaining fulfilling careers i.e. professional life.

4. To inculcate strong human values and commitment towards moral and social correctitude.

5. To instill in the minds of students a sense of responsibility and commitment towards secularism and humanitarianism.