About College

SPB English Medium College of Commerce is a leading commerce college of South Gujarat. lt offers B.Com., M.Com., M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes. The College is a recognized centre for M.Phil (Commerce) since 2009-10. The College has highly learned faculties. Eight out of twelve faculties have PhD. Degree and Six teachers are recognized Ph.D. guides. On an average the faculty has more than Twenty Two years experience. Professional / subject expert teachers are invited at M .Com. programme.

Objectives of the College

The college was established in July-1991 with the following objectives which are also reflected in VISION and MISSION statement of the college :

  1. To keep education in the college truly “Sarvajanik” i.e. to keep it accessible and affordable to all the sections of the society without discrimination of religion, race, caste gender and socioeconomics status etc.
  2. To be a leading participant in the grooming of citizens who are respected for their knowledge, skills and competence and who can make significant contribution towards wholesome and inclusive progress and development of the society/ nation.
  3. To impart quality education and make the students competent for attainting a fulfilling career. i.e. to make them competent for becoming respectable professionals in Public, Private and Cooperative sectors.
  4. To provide value based education so that the students can inculcate strong human values and develop commitment towards moral and social correctitude.
  5. To instill in the minds of students a sense of responsibility and commitment towards secularism and humanitarianism.
  6. To make all the SPBians (i.e. all the students and staff members of the SPB college family) life long learners for achieving maturity, progress and prosperity for themselves, for the society and for the nation through continuous formal and informal studies and performances practices at every stage of thejourney of life.