Principal’s Message

With a profound feelings of pride and joy we have celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the consistently progressive journey of the College started from a ‘Sarvajanik’ Promise for a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Commerce education made by the Sarvajanik Education Society in 19991 up to UGC recognition for the College as ‘Centre with Potential for Excellence’ in 2016.

Activities and functioning of our college are focussed on our mission of attaining COMPETENCE for career development and imbibing CORRECTITUDE IN CHARACTER for personal and social development of the SPBians. Hence, at SPB we keep ourselves reminding that being part of a progressive institution “Quality Assurance” and “Efficiency Enhancement” is the only direction in which we have to keep moving. Our strategy to keep moving in this direction with full vigour is to make efforts continuously and honestly to integrate our

VISION (of Blossom i.e. wholesome development / progress of each of the SPBian in their career and character as well as the society / nation) MISSION (of attaining/fulfilling the VISION of Blossom through continuous studies and performances)
and Activities/Actions (of acquiring and applying curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular knowledge)

We are conscious that the quest for “Excellence” can be an ever elusive one and one can never afford to be complacent in matters of quality and efficiency. Continual effort and constant vigil are of paramount importance. And therefore, to keep alive our spirit we keep reminding ourselves in Robert Frost’s words:

“Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep…
And miles to go before I sleep…”

I am sure, the contents on this web-site along with the relevant details in it, will convince the well wishers of the college about the talent our college has always been blessed with and the efforts our teaching and administrative staff put in to groom and nourish the talent. I am also sure that the contents will also convince the well wishers of the college that all the SPBians are well and truly on course of evolution in their Career and Character as envisioned by the college as well as to keep the ‘Sarvajanik’ Promise for the ‘Centre of Excellence in Commerce Education’.