For much of the 20th century, the role of academic libraries was relatively stable and secure, but in recent years that role has been evolving, as digital technology has transformed research and scholarship. In the existing academic sessions, we at SPB made important steps towards articulating our vision of a life-long learning through electronic resources and gadgets while at the same time continuing to progress on our 2020 Strategic Plan for building the library of the 21st century at SPB. A major piece of news this year was the integration of electronic resources into the library’s organizational structure. These additions to our family are designed in part to support the library’s enhanced role as a hub of learning supporting the holistic development of our students and bringing to the fore the unique spirit of integrated and engaged learning. Other highlights this year included the completion of the RFID arrival into the library security which is celebrated among the students as a bit empowerment in tracking their accounts. We have worked hard this year to enhance the student experience, advance research and scholarly communication, equalize and engage with our student and faculty communities, and develop our team. We believe these efforts are starting to bear fruit, and are proud of the many milestones outlined in this report. I am enormously grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success, the Principal, the library staff, faculty members, students, and members of our administration department.

It was another busy year for our collections, student spaces, and more. Here are a few highlights.

The Pearson’s digital library for E Books and the Emerald E journals are the valuable addition in the library. Many students and faculty are regular users and benefitted by these E Resources.

The Library has been a retreat, where the users could clear their head and recharge on poetry, fiction, and biographies, in a quiet corner in an otherwise fast-paced student life.

For the research students, their interests and inquiries combined to create impactful and inter-disciplinary work with the e resources at their fingertip made the library a happening hub.

As a future course, we at SPB library would like to announce a new series of awards available to undergraduate students to recognize those who demonstrate exceptional use of any library resource/s as part of their regular coursework. Two awards, first and second place, are available to only first year student, and another two to any students in their second or third year.

Ms. N. Padma